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Alianora La Canta:
Fisico is going to be on a talk show called Che Tempo Che Fa tomorrow. This is, of course, his birthday. Hopefully we will get some good news from the show - even if it possible that it has no connection to his motorsport plans.

Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately I can't see the program from Rai Uno page here because it is limited to broadcast outside Italy. The program Che Tempo Che Fa lasts 3,5 hours, it is not easy to say when it is time when Fisico is there and how long his interview lasts. I wait too a short clip when it has been his turn at the show and watch it afterward because 3,5 hours waiting is very long. In my tele is also subtitling in Italian, it helps a lot when I am watching programs directly from Rai Uno. :)

Alianora La Canta:
It looks like yesterday's episode was completely and utterly dominated by an interview with Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, and Steven Spielberg failing to attend (they were supposed to be talking about a new film about the Washington Post; of the two who arrived, Meryl seems to have been the best-received, partly because she was able to express her thoughts in Italian).

There was some controversy, because the episode didn't finish until quarter-past-midnight (it seems that most episodes of it are somewhat shorter).

Also, Alex Zanardi appears to have been in the episode also, talking about his approach to things. Everyone who commented on it on Twitter appears to have been pleased with what he said, with at least one person saying it gave hope for the future of Italy.

And still I cannot find a word about Fisico's contribution to the program...


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