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Billy Monger
« on: April 22, 2017, 01:42:34 AM »
Fisico has retweeted a fundraising appeal for F4 driver Billy Monger, who had a really bad accident at Donington last weekend. This resulted in both his lower legs being amputated, and the prospect of some very large bills for rehabilitation. Despite this, he's already expressed a wish to continue racing (with a car adapted as necessary).

Fisico said in his tweet "Let's help Billy Monger donate please", and people have certainly done so. The appeal's only been open since 4 days ago, and it's already raised nearly 700,000 (the original aim was for just over 250,000, so there may well be more money than necessary to allow Billy the best rehabilitation possible by this point). The way motorsport has quickly done its best to help Billy at this difficult time has been heartwarming. I am happy that Fisico has played a part in this.
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