Author Topic: Ferrari and 2020 WEC/ACO Technical Negotiations  (Read 421 times)

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Ferrari and 2020 WEC/ACO Technical Negotiations
« on: August 07, 2018, 02:49:37 PM »
For some time, the FIA and ACO has been trying to make a combined GTE technical ruleset that would allow the same car to race in both IMSA and WEC, represent a technical advance on the current cars and also cut costs. These are currently known as the "Hypercar" regulations.

If that sounds like an impossible set of wishes... ...Ferrari and Ford appear to agree with you. They've pulled out of the technical negotiations. They are the two biggest manufacturers in GTE racing now, so this could collapse the negotiations and force a different angle to be taken. On the other hand, it could cause Ferrari to re-evaluate how it goes about sportscar racing. Either would have an effect on Giancarlo's racing. The reason is believed to be the BoP changes at Le Mans, which led to Fisico, Flohr and Castellaci pulling a car through the ranks that Ferrari believes was unfairly disadvantaged. That seems to have triggered a lack of trust between Ferrari and the FIA.

Should this be the case, it says something else. Fisico, Flohr and Castellaci weren't the only Ferrari drivers to get the disadvantageous BoP... ...but were the only ones to arguably fight against it effectively. Which would mean the FIA has BoPped Giancarlo and his friends by mistake. It's a rare driver who has that happen to it once. But Fisico had this happen to himself and Gianmaria Bruni in 2012 WEC GTE-Pro too. Giancarlo is such a great racing driver that the FIA has BoPped him instead of BoPping his car twice in his sportscar career. That is extraordinary. I hope Fisico appreciates how remarkable he is.